The Beginning Story

This is about how we started with ALLDOCUBE®.

CodeRobin was established in 2014 as an IT consultancy. By end of 2015 we decided to develop our own professional programming tool app called "Code Reader+" which you can read about here.

To properly test our new app, we needed various sizes Tablet PCs, Affordable. We happen to have a 7" ALLDOCUBE iWork7 Dual-OS tablet with us purchased start of 2015, and still working one year on (Surprise hah!) So we bought more in 2016.

Fast forwarding to 2018, we have released several versions of the app. An idea has been in our head brewing: A very affordable tablet brand that is quality-built should be known to more people.

We signed the agreement with ALLDOCUBE in March 2019. [End of Story]

Here are some photos we took in July 2020 at our office, of those small heroes we mentioned above, who helped our app dev work so much.

  • iWork7
    ALLDOCUBE iWork7

    iWork7 in Windows 10 mode, bought Feb 2015

    ALLDOCUBE iWork7 in Folio Case

    Traces of the Years

  • iWork12
    ALLDOCUBE iWork12

    iWork12 in Windows 10 mode, bought Feb 2016

  • WP10

    WP10 - Running Windows Phone OS, bought Summer 2016